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CLAPS Business and Career Development


Business and Career Development is the continuous learning program that CLAPS provide to our eager professionals.  The center gives quality business seminars and career advancement trainings that will enhance the skills and contribute to business or career success of our clients.  Our business and professional trainers who practice what they teach, are committed to keep with the latest advances in the business, and strategize with our clients on how to build and maintain a viable and profitable business.

“Strive to become a life-long learner. “




A course that focuses on the roles within the company.  It will help strengthen the group’s contribution in looking for solutions to each problem in all angles.  Acknowledging the race, ethnicity, age, ability, language, nationality, socioeconomic status, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, results to an innovative solution.


Basic Skills for

This exercise is intended to provide participants with the skills to confidently exchange information and ideas for a day-to-day communication with colleagues, other employees and clients. Effective communication avoids confusion, provides purpose, builds positive company culture, and creates accountability, which is an essential to all business goals.

Time Management

A special seminar dedicated to train the participants Time Management, anchored on Stephen Covey's principles.   The participants will learn the concept of prioritization with a special focus on long term management that enable them to do things quickly and efficiently.

Six Sigma Training

This workshop focuses on the use of innovative thinking to allow a more engaging and effective operation of the business. It is a course which prepares an organization’s members – at all levels – to deal with the practical day-to-day human, structural, and technological issues which arise when initiating and maintaining a Lean/Six Sigma effort. Participants will be able to understand the DMAIC cycle and tools and will be able to organize projects and project teams and provide leadership and expertise.


of an Effective Negotiation

By understanding the client’s needs, this workshop presents an effective negotiation in order achieve success at the bargaining table.  We offer specific practices that sellers can apply in a variety of negotiations, regardless of deal size or industry where they learn how to convert demands into needs, which gives them the control to protect pricing and consequently drive revenue.



This training conducted by our certified project management specialists will help you learn the skills for managing projects and is specially designed for PMP (Project Management Professional). This benefits the participants best practices so that they can avoid common difficulties that result in delays, wasted effort and increased costs.


Presentation and Meeting

This workshop empowers the participants to influentially present ideas and information to his audience when introducing new concepts, ideas, or sharing information.  It builds the speakers’ confidence while using the techniques to improve and master the delivery and effective meeting presentations. 


Talent Pooling and Management


The most important asset of any institution is its people. This module provides the approaches that a manager can use in managing these assets effectively, ensuring that they perform effectively and efficiently in their roles within the organization.


Gen Y

A course that emphasizes on understanding Gen Y or others may call millennials in our workforce.  It will help intensity their involvement in looking for solutions to each problem in all angles. Acknowledging their attitude, behavior, and working style will lessen conflicts or misunderstanding between managers and other generations that work with them. 

Business Writing Techniques

This program is for the members of an organization to help them enhance their writing techniques in conveying messages that are clear and persuasive. Participants will learn to respond to client requests and concerns tactfully in a business context, using proper grammar, correct sentence development in basic memo and letter writing. 

Coaching and

Coaching and Mentoring are some of the most important skills of any leader.  This seminar provides the participants with understanding of coaching and mentoring in the workplace across different roles in any department.  It can be used to thrust growth and maximize the development of employees and other team members.


The Leadership training aims to strengthen your leaders to improve their capabilities, engage their team to deliver better results, and achieve business goals. 

Thinking Outside
of the Box

Workplace challenges are everyday scenarios in the office. In adhering to company requirements while maintaining personal effectiveness, "thinking outside the box" should be a norm rather than an exception. This workshop focuses on the use of innovative thinking to allow a more engaging and effective operation of the business.

Effective Sales and Marketing

​This workshop focuses on the importance and updated practices and methods to strengthen the skills of your company’s sales force.   This will greatly instill the competitive selling techniques your company needs to know to have the edge in the current competitive market.

Customer Service
in the Corporate

Customer service is one of the most ignored area of improvement in a company.  Its everything about making sure your customers feel they are valued, treated fairly, and appreciated by your business.  This workshop teaches ways to advance your current customer service standards.

Mind Mapping:
Data Analysis in the Workplace

​In creative thinking management, it is necessary to picture the results that one needs to achieve. This module uses the connection between the right and left brain processing in work processing and thinking as data is organized as information. This is a two-day primer that introduces the use of Mind Mapping technique in harnessing the critical thinking skills of an individual.

Train the Trainer:
TNA, Design &

The most effective way to increase productivity is a good and appropriate training.   The leaders themselves should knowledgeable, organized, concise and effective in training their team.  It’s main output is to prepare and deliver a module based on the needs of the organization.


Using economic theories and practices to improve operations, this module provides the basic economic discussions that shall be utilized to develop a better way of doing things, ensuring that resources are maximized, and that decisions are appropriately made in an efficient way.



Thomas-Kilman provides the effective methods in resolving conflicts within groups and organizations. This module teaches this approach and employs it in analyzing and addressing real-life scenarios.



This course provides an approach in dealing with any form of change within the organization. It strengthens the leader’s view to ensure that change is an opportunity rather than a problem.

Strategic Leadership:
Of Tactics and Styles


A prelude to a successful future is a successful preparation. How to sustain and prepare for the company’s success now and then? This module focuses on answering this How to ensure that decisions for the future of the organization is crafted to achieve the wanted results.