It is not only slow learners that need tutoring nowadays.  With the increasing demands of school work and the level of difficulty in lessons and homework given to students, tutoring has become a necessity. Even students who are doing well and already have high grades in school have frequently been given tutors to further increase their chances of gaining honors or maintain their status in school.
Tutoring has also become popular since both parents are helping each other to meet the daily needs of the family.   Usually, parents are too busy to teach children after they come home from work. In our fast changing times, the difficulty of subjects, increasing knowledge, and new teaching techniques make it difficult for parents to teach their children.


The tremendous demand for tutors has created a thriving tutoring industry. Most of the tutoring is done at home by freelancers.  Tutoring at home is beneficial since students get to go home early. However, students usually have more excuses at home rather than when they are in a place where studying is more conducive and structured.  CLAPS Tutorial Center Marikina aims to teach students to prioritize and finish their school work first so that being at home is a place to relax and have quality time with their parents and siblings.

Nature of Business and Services

CLAPS Tutorial Center is a service-based institution that guides students academically from preschool, elementary and secondary levels.  Well-equipped educators guide students individually or in a group with appropriate resources to strengthen students’ academic skills. 

Non-academic activities like; Voice Lessons, Dance Lessons, Learning Musical Instruments, Painting, Arts, and Science and Robotics are also provided in the center to strengthen and enhance students’ interests.

Core Values


   At CLAPS Tutorial Center, we work with compassion and understanding the uniqueness of each individual is of great value.  We recognize each idea, belief, strength, and weakness with guidance and encouragement. 




   To have a strong and steady foundation, we must build relationships grounded by trust.  When a child feels secured, loved, and listened to without judgements, he will be able to express himself better and achieve greater things.


   At CLAPS Tutorial Center, we also encourage parents to take part in their child’s every journey.  Constant communication enables parents and teachers to work together and support the child’s progress.



   In this fast-changing time, children learn in different ways.  At CLAPS Tutorial Center, we aim to continuously find methods in which our students will learn better and become independent learners.




   When a person is given a chance to share what he knows, he pays more attention.  At CLAPS Tutorial Center, we encourage everyone to take part in each learning process.




   CLAPS Tutorial Center views excellence as becoming the best of what you can be and cultivating a deep love for knowledge.    





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